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I have used Spreadsheet::WriteExcel for creating spreadsheet report.

I tried to merge some cells using merge_range() function.

$worksheet->merge_range(3,5,9,4,$title, $format); [OR]

$worksheet->merge_range('E3:I4',$title, $format);


it shows the error message like the following

Error: refer to merge_range() in the documentation. Can't use previously merged format in non-merged cell

How to solve this. if I used write() .. that time only it shows the error. if I didn't used any write functions that time the above error message is not showing and the cells are merged.

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If you see the documentation of Spreadsheet::WriteExcel module, it states :

WARNING: The format object that is used with a merge_range() method call is marked internally as being associated with a merged range. It is a fatal error to use a merged format in a non-merged cell. Instead you should use separate formats for merged and non-merged cells. This restriction will be removed in a future release.

That means do not use format '$format' as used in the


Make two format one for merged cell other for non-merged cell.

Problem will be solved.

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Thanks a lot, you save my day :) –  Sree Raj Aug 5 at 7:23

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