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Using the drag'n'drop features of the Silverlight 4 Toolkit, I have a drag'n'drop enabled Listbox where each ListboxItem can be dragged/reordered up and down.

Each ListboxItem contains several controls (TextBlocks, TextBoxes and Buttons) and my problem is that when I click the buttons within a ListboxItem, I will occasionally initiate a drag event instead of just a click event on that control.

One solution would be to handle the ItemDragStarting event and determine what was clicked on to start the event - and cancel the event if called by a Button.

I can however not figure out how to determine what I've clicked on. Sender of the event and e.DragSource is of type ListBoxDragDropTarget, whether I initiate the drag from a button or the ListboxItem itself.

Any help would be appreciated - solutions to my problem or alternative methods of doing what I need!

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You can drill down to the object type by using the following method:

private void OldFaithful_ItemDragStarting(object sender, ItemDragEventArgs e)
            SelectionCollection selections = e.Data as SelectionCollection;

            if (selections != null)
                IEnumerable<CXSectionControl> draggedItems = selections.Select(s => s.Item as YOUREXCPECTEDOBJECTTYPE);
                foreach (YOUREXCPECTEDOBJECTTYPE x in draggedItems)

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Thanks a lot for your answer :) I found out most of my problems were related to using a VM to do development, which resulted in my mouse doing weird stuff. Will keep your snippet for later use though! –  Claus Dec 15 '10 at 11:38

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