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Is there a simple way to route my URLs without showing the ID in the URL. For example i have:

www.mywebsite.com/id-article-title.html and i want only www.mywebsite.com/article-title.html


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Add a url column to your db table. Then you can do findByUrl(). As noted above it's well documented.

function view($url = null) {
    if (!$url) {
        $this->Session->setFlash('Invalid url');
    $this->set('something', $this->Something->findByUrl($url));

You can create beforeSave methods to process your urls for uniqueness an uuencoding.

You can eliminate the need to specify www.domain.com/controller/view/latest-news using routes like:

Router::connect('/*', array('controller' => 'somethings', 'action' => 'view'))

Now www.domain.com/latest-news will return the same page.

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Haven't tried this one but I think the link below may help you somewhat

adding friendly urls to the cake application

using url slugs in cakephp

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