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When the save button is clicked, the following code is run [PersistenceSession is a property returning an ISession instance]:

_storedWill = PersistenceSession.Load<StoredWill>(_storedWillId);
_storedWill.WillReference = txtWillReference.Text;
_storedWill.IntroducerReference = txtIntroducerReference.Text;
//A stack of other properties of the _storedWill object assigned

A breakpoint set on the final line reveals that PersistenceSession.IsDirty() is true.

However, no update SQL is generated. Can anyone think why?



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You need to Flush the session to have the updates sent to the database. SaveOrUpdate will not send anything to the database unless you are persisting a newly-created entity, whose ID values are database generated. Since you are just updating, all this does is ensures that the _storedWill entity is associated with the ISession returned by the PersistenceSession property.

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Oh, it's you again, with your trombone! How are tricks? :) Or you can create an ITransaction and commit it. I'm not sure of the pluses/minuses of each approach. –  David Jul 14 '10 at 10:14
:) Fine thanks. Not sure if the ITransaction approach will try to use a distributed transaction, which of course may be problematic in certain environments due to possible firewall port requirements. –  David M Jul 14 '10 at 14:19

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