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I have started using django very recently . I am building a service with user login. Login , I am sending as POST service. There is a template to render , once the user is logged in. But the browser address is not getting updated.

eg : the root my form would be something like
"form action="/login" .....>"

Once user press the login button browser URL wil be After login I want the url to be "" again .

Pls help me .

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If you use the built-in Django authentication, you can redirect after login or logout by using the built-in functions. You can redirect to a specific page or you can redirect them to the page they were trying to access.

For example, the doc above uses the following example in using the login_required decorator:

from django.contrib.auth.decorators import login_required

def my_view(request):

I highly recommend checking out the above doc. When I first setup Django's authentication, I was impressed that it only took me about 30 minutes to set it up the way I wanted it, and most of that time was reading the above page.

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In you use login view, on successful login you should redirect to the page you want user to land on e.g.

def login_view(request):
    if not correct_login:
        pass#return response with errors
        return HttpResponseRedirect("/welcome")

see HttpResponseRedirect or use redirect shortcut.

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