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How to cut words before the first “END” word in line, and not include the first character before the “END” word ( in our examples the character is “-“)

Only with sed command

For example:

  echo AAA-BBB-CCC-END | sed ...

  echo 1-END-3-4 | sed ...

  echo 1-2-END-3-4 | sed ...

  echo PARAM1-PARAM2-END | sed ...

  echo fileExample1-fileExample2-END | sed ...

  echo xyz_123-END | sed ...
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sed "s/.END.*//"

This should do the trick.

It'll remove the first char before the END, and all chars after (and of course the END itself).

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sed -r "s/(.*).END.*/\1/"

would be my suggestion

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if your string structure always have hyphens and then the "END" word (eg -END),

$ echo ${var%%-END*}

As you can see, in case you have words like "SEND", it will still give you the correct output.

if you still prefer using sed,

$ echo $var | sed 's/-END.*//'
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this seems to work: awkish not sedish, & literal

awk '$0 !~ /(echo*|^$)/'

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