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I am trying to set one bindable variable to be bound to another. Essentially I want to create an alias. I would give up, but this seems like something that would be good to know.

essentially, I want changes in model.configView to be reflected in view, so that things bound to view.... behave the same as things bound to model.configView... in this example

var view = model.configView;

... <mx:Label text="{view.lblThisLabel.name}" />

at the moment it does not, and I am getting errors that say "unable to bind to property 'lblThisLabel' on class 'Object' (class is not an IEventDispatcher)"

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Not quite enough code here to really say what's going on, however you have made view bindable and that does not automatically mean that all of view's children are bindable. You'll have to go into view and make lblThisLabel bindable too.

Also it is hard for the rest of us to know how it works in your head. Perhaps you should describe that too.

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Moreover, I think that even if, with your actual code, view changes should be detected, view won't be updated if assigned model.configView property is not bindable as well...

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