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Sorry if this seems a silly questions but can you select from a view in subsonic? I have a view called fixturesinfo and I am running this subsonic query:

  FixturesInfoCollection fixtures = new SubSonic.Select().From<FixturesInfo>()

When I run it I get an error dbo.FixturesInfo. This happens with all views. Am I doing something wrong here?

Thanks Bex

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Worked it out.. I am using two database connection string and it appears as it was a generic select it wasn't picking the right one. Instead if I do this:

  FixturesInfoCollection fixtures =new FixturesInfoCollection()
                           Comparison.GreaterThan, DateTime.Now)

It works

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another hint: Always use YourNamespace.DB.Select()... instead of SubSonic().Select()... Every subsonic generated DAL has a DB class that sets up a repository with the right connection for you. –  SchlaWiener Jul 14 '10 at 19:18
Ahh.. thank you..! I am only just starting out with subsonic so not undestanding everything yet. –  Bex Jul 15 '10 at 8:27

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