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Does anybody know how can I programmatically disable the keyboard-shortcuts in IE?

For example, i have a textbox in my web page, with its value taken from a barcode reader. But the barcode contains the sequence Shift + Ctrl + J + Enter. Shift + Ctrl + J opens the IE feeds and Enter opens the selected feed in the browser, so this is a serious problem for me.

And if it's impossible to do this programmatically, is there a way that the client could resolve this from the browser's options, win registries, anything?

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Can you accept the data in a pop up window? I'm thinking that if you open a popup window without all the chrome around it, the shortcut keys won't work.

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shortcut keys still work in popup windows – Colin Pickard Jul 14 '10 at 14:37

Looks like this issue can be worked around in Firefox, is firefox a possibility for you?

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You could implement an ActiveX Control that contains the text box and talks to the scanner. Implement IInputObject::TranslateAcceleratorIO() and say no.

My question is why does your barcode contain Ctrl + Shift + J?! :)

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Thanks for the suggestion. I was also confused about the barcodes having such values. It seems that only one barcode from the bunch they tested had this type of strange characters. – morsanu Jul 21 '10 at 11:11
Its a character set issue. The character number that the barcode translates to is mapping to the Ctrl and Shift keys in the current Windows locale. I can think of a few situations where this might happen. International barcodes or bad barcodes. Depending on the format of the linear barcodes being scanned, there is a checksum digit that is usually added to the end of the barcode to help detect bad scans. omniplanar.com/links/articles/… – Chaoix Feb 3 at 19:56

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