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Simple question here that I can't seem to find an answer for: Once a setTimeout is set, is there any way to see if it's still, well, set?

if (!Timer)
    Timer = setTimeout(DoThis,60000);

From what I can tell, when you clearTimeout, the variable remains at its last value. A console.log I just looked at shows Timer as being '12', no matter if the timeout has been set or cleared. Do I have to null out the variable as well, or use some other variable as a boolean saying, yes, I have set this timer? Surely there's a way to just check to see if the timeout is still running... right? I don't need to know how long is left, just if it's still running.

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There isn't anyway to interact with the timer except to start it or stop it. I typically null the timer variable in the timeout handler rather than use a flag to indicate that the timer isn't running. There's a nice description on W3Schools about how the timer works. In their example they use a flag variable.

The value you are seeing is a handle to the current timer, which is used when you clear (stop) it.

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-1 patrick, that's not a worldly principle. sometimes they've got useful resources. –  JoeRocc Jul 21 '12 at 11:39
OT: the problem is distinguishing those times from the others :) Without knowing about the topic, of course –  superjos Aug 27 '12 at 10:57

What I do is:

var timer = null;

if(timer != null)
  timer = null;
  timer = window.setTimeout(yourFunction, 0);
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Use setTimeout(yourFunction, 0), safer than setTimeout('yourFunction()', 0). –  cprcrack Jan 19 '14 at 0:34

Set another variable 'Timer_Stared' = true with your timer - change variable to false when timer function called

// set 'Timer_Stared' when you setTimeout
var Timer_Stared = true;
var Timer = setTimeout(DoThis,60000);

function DoThis(){

   // function DoThis actions //
   //note that timer is done.
   Timer_Stared = false;


function Check_If_My_Timer_Is_Done(){

      alert("timer must still be running");
      alert("timer is DONE");

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