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I seem to be having issues with getting my jqgrids working well with linq to sql in my mvc project.

The issue I am having is correctly using the sidx and sord parameters. Most resources I find say to do something like

var questions = context.Questions
  .OrderBy(sidx + " " + sord)
  .Skip(pageIndex * pageSize)

In Visual Studio 2010 (.net 4 project, MVC2) I get a compile error on the order by because it seems there is no linq orderby extension that takes just a string as a parameter, they all want a delegate/lamda.

How can I implement ordering into my app so my grids can sort properly by columns?

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you can make method that translates the strings into lambda expressions. I've not tested this but it could be like this:

private Expression<Func<Person, T>> orderbyExpression(string column)
    switch (column)
       case: "Name":
           return p => p.Name;

       case: "Sex":
          return p => p.Sex;


you'll have to sort out the asc/desc setting seperately as well

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I was hoping for something a bit more scalable :/ – KallDrexx Jul 15 '10 at 2:44
I suppose you could try using reflection to get the properties in each case, although that might not work because Linq is pretty picky about what expressions it will accept – Jonny Cundall Jul 15 '10 at 9:45

If you add "using System.Linq.Dynamic;" the code you pasted should work properly.

There is a small consideration here: OrderBy and Skip goes together, so if you want to skip to a record, should specify OrderBy. I solved this by checking whether there is posted orderby field param.

using System.Linq.Dynamic;

    var questions = context.Questions;
    if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(sidx))
        questions = questions.OrderBy(sidx + " " + sord).Skip(pageIndex * pageSize);

    return questions.Take(pageSize);

This topic is useful as well: jqGrid, Problem with sorting Linq expression

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