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svn help log doesn't give me an option to see the history recursively.

svn log -l3 --recursive SVN_ROOT_URL does not work. I would expect that it gives me the last 3 commits below SVN_ROOT_URL.

This is really annoying. I always have to start my IDE or look at team-city to see the last commits on a project (though I am not sure which svn command these tools execute behind the scenes).

I think this feature is very important and hope it is supported out of the svn-CLI box without high bash-scripting effort.

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svn log is already doing it recursively. My error was, that I didn't do an svn update before.

If you don't want to do a svn update to "protect" your working-copy do the log command on the server destination:

$ svn info .
URL: http://rep.com/svn/foo
$ svn log -v http://rep.com/svn/foo

i use the verbose -v flag to also see the touched files.

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Also just had this issue, thanks for posting an update. –  Goody Oct 18 '12 at 14:50
  • For linux : svn update before svn log
  • For windows : right click on the folder and show log (no need to update firstly)

It's really confusing

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