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I want to get a new map not using refush the webpage.


and has easy way to get all Overlays on the map?

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In the v2 API, there was the clearOverlays() method as Gaby pointed out. However, this method is not present if the v3 API. If I remember correctly, this omission was intentional to keep the library lightweight.

Therefore, with the v3 API, you have to keep a reference of your overlays, and then call setMap(null) on each overlay.

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Look the google map api documentation

And in particular: clearOverlays()

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thanks, but my company is using v3 –  zjm1126 Jul 14 '10 at 16:44

FYI for peoples using V3: From what I have found, V3 does not have a packaged function like V2 does in .clearOverlays();

Here is what I do (as I've gathered from other resources):

var gmarkers = []; // establish your markers array;

if (gmarkers) { // plug this in wherever/whenever you want to clear the map of any and all markers;
    for (i in gmarkers) {
    gmarkers.length = 0;
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