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Table Schema

Table Name: file_manager_folder

Rows: id , parentId, name

My query simulates moving a folder into another folder and accepts an array using IN(?).

I want my update to only 'move' a folder if there is not already a folder with the same parentId and name. The kind of behaviour you would expect under any normal file system.

So for example:

UPDATE file_manager_folder set parentId = 54 where id IN( '1','2',3') 

Would be a query which doesn't check anything about the parentId and name... But how can I get the left join to work.

Here is one I tried.. which totally doesn't work.

    file_manager_folders as a
LEFT JOIN file_manager_folders as b on = 
WHERE IS NOT NULL and IN("1","2","3") and a.parentId = 54

UPDATE table1 LEFT JOIN table2 SET t1.x = t2.y ON condition WHERE conditions

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So you want to move folders only if a folder of the same name under the target parent folder does not exist:

UPDATE file_manager_folder f1
LEFT OUTER JOIN file_manager_folder f2 
    ON = AND f2.parentId = 54
SET f1.parentId = 54 

The join condition searches for a folder with the same name under the target parent. The WHERE clause tests that no such folder exists ( is null only if the outer join finds no match).

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Thats perfect Bill. I can see I had the basics in place.. just incredibly off the mark! I don't know how you nailed it so quickly. I couldn't figure out what I wanted to join on. – Layke Jul 14 '10 at 18:06
Bill can you check this question of mine… thank you – guradio Nov 28 '15 at 3:17

I think this should be solved using a unique constraint/index on the parentid and name columns. Otherwise, anyone with INSERT/UPDATE access to the table can circumvent your business rule.

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Kind of naive but how about this?

UPDATE file_manager_folder SET parentId = 54 
WHERE id IN( '1','2','3') 
AND parentId != 54 
AND name NOT IN (SELECT name FROM file_manager_folder WHERE id IN ('1', '2', '3'))
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