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I have an executable file that works fine by hand locally. It converts a file to another new file by some parameters. I'm using ASP.Net and that executable installed win2003 server sp2. I can use it from local but, I can't execute the program from a web browser using system.diagnosting.process. When I use that, I can see the process in task manager with user name "NETWORK SERVICE", and it won't dissappear without ending process by hand and won't work.

I tried impersonation, try as a web service, edited local policies, apply all privilages, etc...

Is there any suggestions about this problem?

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How about creating an app pool in IIS. Assign it the local account ('by hand locally') . Assign the application to this newly created app pool and see if it works.

You can also use procmom to see why the original process hung under "NETWORK SERVICE", probably registry access or something else.

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