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I added the following to my web.config to redirect the user to the login page if they aren't authenticated, but going to the URL does cause a redirect?

 <location path="user/add">
        <deny users="?" />

I have setup forms authen. like this:

<authentication mode="Forms">
      <forms loginUrl="/user/login"


Using .net and mvc.

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Do you have the "Authorize" attribute on that Action or Controller?

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For one of my applications I have the following in the same node as <authentication>:

    <deny users="?"/>

But this covers the entire application...

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May be you should try Allow user tag as well just to check if this portion is working or not?

hmmm angular brackets are not allowed in comments i guess? so im changing them to small brackets.

(location path="user/add")

    (allow users="testuser" /)
    (deny users="*" /)


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