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I'm using jQuery datatables plug-in on my HTML Table.

I wanted to know how do I go about using the fnGetHiddenNodes() function to extract a particular row from my table.

More specifically,
I've this as one of the columns

td align="center"
input type="checkbox" id="caseConsent(index)" name="caseConsent"
input type="hidden" id="protCaseInst(index)" name="protCaseInst" value="some value here..unique to each row"



And currently the way, I'm extracting values from this table is as follows: (Basically, push the value of hidden field 'protCaseInst' of each row that is checked into protCaseInstArray)

$("#mydiv-element").find("input[type='checkbox' name='caseConsent']:checked ~ input[name='protCaseInst']").each(function() { protCaseInstArray.push($(this).val()); });

Using this code though, if I select rows from 2nd page of my datatable, they don't appear in my protCaseInstArray.


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I think I already have the answer. I tried

$(oTable.fnGetNodes()).find("input[@type=checkbox @name=caseConsent]:checked ~ input[name='protCaseInst']").each(function() { protCaseInstArray.push($(this).val()); });

And it seems to work!

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