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I made and use this one, but I know theres better ways :

function toggle_timer()
    if(timer_id > 0){

    else timer_id = setInterval("go()", interv);

Its based on the assumption that youll only use 1 timer (otherwise, who knows which timer youll clear?) So far this hasnt caused a problem (miracles, I know).

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You could wrap it into an object that remembers the timer id:

function timer( millis_, f_ ) {
    return {
         f: f_,
         millis: millis_,
         toggle: function(){
            if( this.id > 0 ) clear();
            else start();
         clear: function(){ clearInterval( this.id ); this.id=0; },
         start: function(){ this.id=setInterval( this.f, this.millis ); }

var t1=timer(1000, function(){alert("1000");} );
var t2=timer(10000, function(){ alert("a long time");});


Disclaimer: untested - grab the idea!

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damn, that is nice. Sidenote : everyones coding ability on stackoverflow is outstanding. I feel like such a noob lol, albeit a noob in a very fun playground. Again, tyvm :-) –  jason Jul 14 '10 at 19:40
+1 - great example of adding value added services on top of a very simple API. –  Anurag Jul 14 '10 at 19:52

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