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I have follow code to make a String to a CFString:

 internal static byte[] StringToCFString(string value)
        byte[] b;

        b = new byte[value.Length + 10];
        b[4] = 0x8c;
        b[5] = 07;
        b[6] = 01;
        b[8] = (byte)value.Length;
        Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(value, 0, value.Length, b, 9);
        return b;

    public static byte[] StringToCString(string value)
        byte[] bytes = new byte[value.Length + 1];
        Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(value, 0, value.Length, bytes, 0);
        return bytes;

How I can get a CFString to String back? (C#.Net 2.0)

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I would try something like this...

Encoding.ASCII.GetString(value, 9, value.Length - 9);
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private String CFString2String(IntPtr intPtr)
    byte size = Marshal.ReadByte(intPtr, 8);
    byte[] b = new byte[size];
    Marshal.Copy(IntPtr.Add(intPtr, 9), b, 0, size);
    return Encoding.ASCII.GetString(b);
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Some explanation of this code could be useful –  Andrew Barber Oct 16 '12 at 22:06

this code is error when the parameter "value" is utf8 string such as Chinese.

if you need CFString to String back

please use the CoreFoundation.CFString with constructor CFString(IntPtr ptr)

the parameter "ptr" is a pointer to a CFString.

CoreFoundation.CFString -> https://github.com/isnowrain/CoreFoundation

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