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My understanding of .Net Remoting is limited (and probably imperfect), so please bear with me.

I've created a service that is hosting a singleton remoted object. It appears that the remoted object doesn't exist until a client attaches to the remoted object. Is this true? If so, how can I create an instance of the object in the service?

Thanks Paul.

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I'm pretty sure that there is no way to do this without calling a method on the object - It's just how server activation works.

You don't indicate why you need to do this, but I'd guess it is because the initialization of the singleton takes a while. Perhaps you could factor off the initialization into another class which is loaded at application startup, and this would reduce the singleon startup costs.

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Thanks for you answer!
Actually, I found a way to get what I wanted. The key is that the object that is being hosted for remoting (as a singleton) needs to be a thin wrapper for an actual singleton object (as in Singleton<>). This way the base object will be created no matter what and the remotely hosted object will then be a wrapper for the internal singleton.

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