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I was designing an Activity today and I came across an issue by which rethrowing an exception within the Catch of a TryCatch block does not execute the Finally which is also associated with it. Upon further investigation I came across the following


Can anyone explain to me what the use of the finally block is in this activity if it is not guaranteed to execute?

The only case I can see is if you have nested try blocks.

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reminded me of this... thedailywtf.com/Articles/My-Tales.aspx –  Colin Pickard Jul 14 '10 at 20:06

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if you follow some links from that connect page you will reach this page where you may find an answer... the gist is:

The normal WF functions like

    Environment.FailFast("Game Over.");
    Console.WriteLine("Not Called");

the solution is (quoting steve danielson from that page): If you specify Cancel as the behavior for unhandled exceptions escaping the root of the workflow then it should give the desired behavior. I have passed this feedback along and will ensure that the documentation is updated to reflect this.

ie Workflowapplication.OnUnhandledException = UnhandledExceptionAction.Cancel


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