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I would like to know if there is possibility to set an attribute in web.xml by using property file. For example the web.xml:


and application.properties would be :

# My computer's name

Thanks for answers. Tomas

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you can not set value from Properties file but you can set the property file and read its at runtime.


then read the property file at runtime.

MyServlet myServlet = new MyServlet();

Properties  properties = new Properties();
//  get the properties file name 
String propfile = myServlet.getInitParameter("propfile");

// load the file 

// get the desire properties 
Object propName = properties.get("my.computer");
// out.println(propName.toString());

hope this help other too.

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You can't have values substituted in web.xml like that.

One option I can suggest if possible just have a template web.xml with place holder for values and during build for each environment have a step in build process that will substitute required values from required properties file of that environment.

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