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When I do bundle install bundling edge rails I get this error:

No compatible versions could be found for required dependencies:
    Conflict on: "bundler":
    * bundler (0.9.26) activated by bundler (= 0.9.26, runtime)
    * bundler (>= 1.0.0.beta.3, runtime) required by rails (>= 0, runtime)
    All possible versions of origin requirements conflict.

Is there any way that I can install the lastest edge rails without installing bundler 1.0.0.beta.3?

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On July 1st the Bundler dependency in edge Rails was bumped from 0.9.26 to 1.0.0.beta.2 (and each subsequent beta over the past weeks). As far as I know, edge Rails is still fully compatible with 0.9.26, so you should be able to edit rails.gemspec to read:

s.add_dependency('bundler', '>= 0.9.26')

I have already done this for 3 projects on edge rails, because they are deployed on Heroku which is still running Bundler 0.9.26. I've not had any issues or broken tests.

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