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I have a solution with about 10 web services and one web site that calls them. All the services have to launch when I click "start debugging", which is necessary and good. When I stop debugging the services are still running. I can right click on each of them in the system tray to shut them down, or I can shut down Visual Studio and they get shut down automatically. Is there a better way?

I found this SO post which says how to not start the services in the first place, but I want the services to launch (and even want them to stay running more often than not.)

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PsTools includes pskill.exe which will kill all running processes with a given name. If you're not concerned with closing the web services gracefully then this may be an option.

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I guess that's better than nothing. I was hoping for some hidden command in visual studio or something. – stannius Jul 15 '10 at 15:19

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