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I'm trying to integrate the FedEx tracking class into my application. The class takes a SOAP response and puts it into a hierarchical class structure. I access the values like this:

$city = $response->TrackDetails->Events[$i]->Address->City;

This works fine for most cases. The problem I am having is when there is just one event for a given shipment, I get an error saying that I cannot treat the class as an array. Since there is just one event, I need to access it without the array index using:

$city = $response->TrackDetails->Events->Address->City;  

Is there a way to deal with this without doing something like this:

   $city = $response->TrackDetails->Events->Address->City; 
   $city = $response->TrackDetails->Events[$i]->Address->City;

There are a ton of data fields that fall into this issue, so I don't want to use something so cumbersome if I can avoid it. Any ideas?

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if ($num_events == 1) {
    $response->TrackDetails->Events = array($response->TrackDetails->Events);

This can be done with a loop over all the fields in your answer, automatically putting each loner into an array of length 1.

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Thanks! That worked perfectly and was much less clunky than mine idea. –  user77413 Jul 15 '10 at 0:46

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