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I want to limit my users to a directory and its sub directories but the "Parent Directory" button allows them to browse to an arbitraty directory.

How should I go about doing that?

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You can probably do this by setting your own FileSystemView.

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how do you get the default filesystemview (e.g. to delegate to it)? – Jason S Feb 3 '10 at 17:12
@Jason S - probably via static method getFileSystemView() – McDowell Feb 3 '10 at 17:47
Just if someone could need it, here is an exact example of what OP wanted: – Big_Chair Mar 24 '14 at 1:18

Incase anyone else needs this in the future:

class DirectoryRestrictedFileSystemView extends FileSystemView
    private final File[] rootDirectories;

    DirectoryRestrictedFileSystemView(File rootDirectory)
        this.rootDirectories = new File[] {rootDirectory};

    DirectoryRestrictedFileSystemView(File[] rootDirectories)
        this.rootDirectories = rootDirectories;

    public File createNewFolder(File containingDir) throws IOException
        throw new UnsupportedOperationException("Unable to create directory");

    public File[] getRoots()
        return rootDirectories;

    public boolean isRoot(File file)
        for (File root : rootDirectories) {
            if (root.equals(file)) {
                return true;
        return false;

You'll obviously need to make a better "createNewFolder" method, but this does restrict the user to one of more directories.

And use it like this:

FileSystemView fsv = new DirectoryRestrictedFileSystemView(new File("X:\\"));
JFileChooser fileChooser = new JFileChooser(fsv);

or like this:

FileSystemView fsv = new DirectoryRestrictedFileSystemView( new File[] {
    new File("X:\\"),
    new File("Y:\\")
JFileChooser fileChooser = new JFileChooser(fsv);
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Doesn't work @Allain – Siddharth Tyagi Sep 3 '12 at 8:03

The solution of Allain is almost complete. Three problems are open to solve:

  1. Clicking the "Home"-Button kicks the user out of restrictions
  2. DirectoryRestrictedFileSystemView is not accessible outside the package
  3. Starting point is not Root

  1. Append @Override to DirectoryRestrictedFileSystemView

public TFile getHomeDirectory() { return rootDirectories[0]; }

  1. set class and constructor public

  2. Change JFileChooser fileChooser = new JFileChooser(fsv); into JFileChooser fileChooser = new JFileChooser(fsv.getHomeDirectory(),fsv);

I use it for restricting users to stay in a zip-file via TrueZips TFileChooser and with slight modifications to the above code, this works perfectly. Thanks a lot.

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No need to be that complicated. You can easily set selection mode of a JFileChooser like this

JFileChooser fc = new JFileChooser();

You can read more reference here How to Use File Choosers

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This limits them to directories in general, but not to a specific directory, which is the OP's question. – james.garriss Sep 4 '13 at 15:40

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