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i have a lot of tables that start with some prefix ,

and i want to alter this tables

what is the simple way to do this (instead run over all tables)

i mean something like :

ALTER TABLE  LIKE tablenameprefix% ADD INDEX `NewIndex1` (`field`);

how can i do this ?



can i do a kind of loop not in stored procedure ? by select the names of tables from

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You can't. What you could do though is write a stored procedure that enumerates all tables looking for your prefix and performs the necessary changes.

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Given that ALTER TABLE syntax doesn't allow multiple table names, you cannot do this. You need to go through all tables in turn:

alter_specification [, alter_specification]


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When I wanted to change multiple table's engine from MyISAM to InnoDB, instead of writing a loop I just made a full DB dump and opened it in a text editor. In the text editor I just simply changed all MyISAM words to InnoDB.

I know that this ain't proper solution but for me it was easier then writing a routine for this.

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You would have to write a loop, according to the documentation you just specify the table name.

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