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What JavaScript charting libraries are appropriate for mobile devices, e.g., iPhone, BlackBerry and Android? For example, Android currently does not support SVG and so a pure JavaScript HTML5 Canvas solution like Flot is likely required.

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Most of the Google Charts do not work on the default browser of Android, even on 2.2, SVG is not supported yet. –  Mic Jul 15 '10 at 8:30

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Check out ZingChart - JavaScript Charting Library that renders in HTML5 Canvas, SVG, VML and/or Flash.

I'm on the team. abegin[at]zingchart.com or www.twitter.com/zingchart

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hope this will help u ...gud luck :)

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Ya I am looking into that only, will let u know the feedback ..! Thanks..! –  Kunal Jul 15 '10 at 8:33

I'd go with http://www.highcharts.com/ pre version 2 (the new version uses SVG which doesn't render on android). I know it supports the iPhone (as it says on the home page) and Android has no problems with canvas. Blackberry is the only device I'm not sure about.

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It looks highcharts use SVG that does not work on Android. –  Mic Jul 15 '10 at 8:31
Strange. I'm not sure if they've changed to SVG recently but the version I have running on my machine is using canvas. We were planning to use Highcharts for the mobile platform at my company specifically because it was using canvas. I'll investigate this further. Thanks for pointing this out. –  Castrohenge Jul 15 '10 at 8:53
Seems version 2 has changed to SVG. –  Castrohenge Jul 15 '10 at 8:58

Flot should work if the mobile browser has proper HTML5 canvas support, and Sencha Touch is planning an upcoming release with charting / drawing support ported over from the ExtJS 4.0 release.

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ZoomCharts is a new chart and graph library, that brings JavaScript charts and graphs to both desktop and mobile and are very powerful and optimised (using Canvas) - it is cross device/platform compatible and has native multi-touch support.

enter image description here

With ZoomCharts you can create:

  • timeline charts
  • category charts (pie charts, facet charts)
  • network graphs

and more.

Charts come with extensive API and through documentation.

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Are you affiliated with this product? stackoverflow.com/search?q=url%3Azoomcharts.com –  brasofilo Jun 30 at 13:50
I am one of the core developers there. –  jancha Jun 30 at 21:02
Looks very cool. But please check the site rules about self-promotion. –  brasofilo Jun 30 at 23:38

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