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On a webpage there's

  function fn982734()
     // some code

In my Greasemonkey script, I have the following code:

var fn = fields[5].getElementsByTagName("a")[0].getAttribute('onclick').substr(7,11);
console.log(fn); // outputs fn982734 to the firebug console

This code does not work, and spawns an error in the error console: window[fn] is not a function. However, typing directly into firebug:

var fn = 'fn982734';

works perfectly. What's going on?

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The Greasemonkey script is inside a sandbox and Firebug is not. See: "Avoid Common Pitfalls" (in Greasemonkey).

Your GM script would access that function via unsafeWindow. Like so:



var fn = 'fn982734';

Also works -- from inside the Greasemonkey script.

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replacing 'window[func]();' with 'unsafeWindow[func]()' results in a File Not Found error: Firefox can't find the file at jar:file:///usr/lib/firefox-3.6.6/chrome/browser.jar!/content/browser/[uri] – Mala Jul 15 '10 at 19:26
@Mala: var fn = 'fn982734'; unsafeWindow[fn](); totally works, I double-checked to make sure. That error message also does not match the code shown. Paste the EXACT Greasemonkey code, and link to the target page. – Brock Adams Jul 15 '10 at 22:43
Please do not encourage the use of unsafeWindow - it is named unsafe for a reason. – kwah Jul 2 '11 at 13:57
@kwah, unsafeWindow is provided for a reason. There are many cases when it is the correct or only approach. ... While it is true that an unscrupulous website could theoretically exploit the use of unsafeWindow to gain slightly elevated privileges... (1) The script author will be able to ID sites that might try such tricks and is forewarned. (2) The odds are very low. The cost/benefit ratio of a webmaster, attempting this exploit, means it will never be used except, maybe, in extreme cases. (3) There are zero documented cases of an exploit in the wild and the test case 404's out. – Brock Adams Jul 6 '11 at 0:34

I realise that I'm a little late to this question but Please do not encourage the use of unsafeWindow - it is named unsafe for a reason.

The correct alternative would be to use the "location hack" as described on Greasemonkey's Greasepot Wiki. This code should correctly call the function described in the original post:

location.href = "javascript:void(fn982734())";
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