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I have a few projects that are scripted via javascript. Not a web pages, unfortunately - just a javascript code that calls a few external methods like api.Log( "This is log" );. Is it some IDE exists that i can use to debug such javascript code? I just want to run some unit tests on math and logic so i can break into program, walk it step-by-step and see what is going around. I have tried Visual Studio for Web Developers, aptanta, eclipse - but all of them wants badly to integrade into web browser and debug 'web pages with some javascript' :(. Maybe anyone can suggest a better solution? Maybe some Emacs extension? :) Or IDE / IDE extension / Eclipse distro / IDEA fork i don't know about?

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Aptana Studio http://www.aptana.org/products/studio2

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Aptana still looks very webbish...with dom trees and html previews...although I'd probably say it's the best javascript IDE available... –  davidsleeps Jul 15 '10 at 9:26
I have checked it, it still want a web browser and a web page. Not very pleasant javascript debug experience :( –  Eye of Hell Jul 15 '10 at 10:11

Maybe this will help. Try splinetech javascript debugger, it's the only standalone javascript debugger I know of that's not 'webbish' as you put it. I've been using it for complex debugging for years now. It's not free though, but was worth it for me. Can't imagine going back to built-in debuggers.  Hope this helps. 

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