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i have a simple text input field users put in a number. I need to check which range the number matches (e.g. >10 or <1 ) and save a separate key/value for that range in the database.

I thought about a hidden field that changes its value as the user enters data but i don't know how to determine the range.

(I cannot modify the submit button. I use php and jQuery.)

Thanks for any help!

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If your ranges are fixed and you are asking about client side code then

var ranges = {'range1':{min:-1000,max:2},'range2':{min:3,max:10},'range3':{min:11,max:1000}};


function findRange(){
    var num = parseInt( $('#number').val() );
    for(rng in ranges)
        if (num >= ranges[rng].min && num <=ranges[rng].max)

Demo: http://www.jsfiddle.net/hbPj9/

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That's exactly what i needed! Perfect and amazing. Thank you so much! –  Christoph Jul 15 '10 at 11:22

Relatively simple...

$num = (int) $_POST['num'];
if ($num < 1) {
    // do something
elseif ($num > 10) {
    // do something else
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