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Warning: It is not programming related question ...I just want to know how can any text I can find from whole folder which I select for find? crtl+f finds a text only in a open document ...but what if i want to know it from whole document ..like in dreamweaver ..when we do ctrl+f it fives trhe option to select folder ...

is there any option in eclipse too ?

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See also stackoverflow.com/questions/3225761/… – VonC Jul 15 '10 at 10:32
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Menu Search -> File

Some tips:

  1. To find only on selected folder you can click the option Selected resources
  2. You can define a keybinding for File Search from Preferences -> General -> Keys. Look for Command File Search
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Using Ctrl + H would give you a starting point.

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Hit Ctrl+L for a quick look at the shortcuts available in Eclipse. Ctrl+L+L (L twice on hold of Ctrl) will let you customize the shortcuts.

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Press Ctrl + H, should bring up the search that will include options to search via project, directory, etc.

Ctrl + Alt + G can be used to find selected text across a workspace in eclipse.

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