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Why my RCP project cannot build-generate update site?

I've created 3 projects for my Eclipse RCP application:

a plug-in project named 'formicary-client2';
a feature project named 'formicary-client-feature';
a update site project named 'formicary-client-site'.

Now the plug-in project works well and can be exported as a product;I want to build a update site for automatic upgrade my application,I got a error while i trying to execute 'build' on 'site.xml -> Site Map',the error is:

'Built Site' has encountered a problem:
The following error occurred while executing this line:
D:\Workspaces\MyEclipse 8.x\.metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.pde.core\temp\org.eclipse.pde
Unable to find: Installable Unit [ id=formicary_client version= ] 

Some configurations in my 'feature.xml':

in 'Plug-ins' tab,my plugin id 'formicary_client (0.0.0)' is selected;
in 'Included Features' tab, 'org.eclipse.rcp (0.0.0)' is selected.

I'm not sure my feature project's configuration is correct,and why i encountered this problem?

Any info necessary?

Anyone please help me ,thank you.

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