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Has anyone converted a Sharepoint 2007 solution to 2010 ?

I have a highly customized 2007 solution and need to upgrade it, i've seen some info on this, e.g. here but my solution is more complex than a single web part.

I'm concerned about e.g. the following topics and hopefully someone can shed some light on it:

  • Schema.xml, does it need to be upgraded to match new 2010 syntax ? I've done some testing on this and the top menu bar seems to be missing so I can't create new items
  • Mapping the structure of the previous 12 hive. Is there any changes to the structure, can I just rename 12 to 14 and be done with it ?
  • onet.xml, does it need to be upgraded similar to Schema.xml ?
  • Workflows, will my old workflows be intact or are there any changes to the OM that I need to take into account ?

Finally is there some conversion tool out there that can help me resolve some of these issues ?

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Have a look at my series of posts about porting a SharePoint 2007 WSPBuilder Project to SharePoint 2010. It doesn't deal with onet.xml, but it does explain how to move from the 12 hive to the 14 hive.

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+1 excellent resource. I'm going to try and move between the hive like he's doing, will post an update on my results :) –  armannvg Jul 15 '10 at 15:15

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