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I have a text file, I am told the delimiter is as quoted below. My question is how to I set the delimiter inside PHP?

ie this would set it as TAB delimiter in my script

$csv->delimiter = "\t";   # tab delimited

Field Separator (FS): SOH (ASCII character 1)

Record Separator (RS) : STX (ASCII character 2) + "\n"

For example, these characters are represented in programming languages as shown below:


$field_separator = chr(1); 
$record_separator = chr(2) . "\n";


String fieldSeparator = String.valueOf((char)1); 
String recordSeparator = String.valueOf((char)2) + "\n";

A sample of the file looks like this:

12766788028576TV Season
12766788028578Movie Bundle
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There is also the chr() function within PHP. So you should be able to use the same syntax as in PERL:

$field_separator = chr(1); 
$record_separator = chr(2) . "\n";

Have you tried it out, or do you have another issue? Or do you want to create a file like that in PHP?

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