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I want to build a secure web-service betweeen a Java producer and a Java consumer. I want to authenticate using Active Directory using the domain accounts that the producer and consumer are running under.

Could you give me an example of this?

(ie: AD trusted automated alternative to manual keystores.)

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Look at Spring WS and the and security certificate authentication, JaasPlainTextPasswordValidationCallbackHandler, and JaasCertificateValidationCallbackHandler.

There are some examples that tie this together through additional research.

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Here's an open source library, http://spnego.sourceforge.net/protected_soap_service.html, that has an example of exactly what you are looking to do.

This open source project has an example on how to require authentication (basic auth or Kerberos/Integrated Windows Authentication) via servlet filter.

The project also has an example on how to create a soap client that needs to connect to a protected soap service.

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