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What is the difference between using > or # when cropping a thumb:


has_attached_file :image, :styles => {:small => "100x100#"}

has_attached_file :image, :styles => {:small => "100x100>"}

How do get a thumb that has the maxium height of 100px but variable width (to preserve the aspect ratio)?



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Paperclip uses ImageMagick under the covers, here's a link to the full ImageMagick geometry settings (what you're putting in your :small thumbnail definitions):

It sounds like you want: "Height given, width automagically selected to preserve aspect ratio."

has_attached_file :image, :styles => {:small => "x100"}
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thanks! I will try it out! –  deb Jul 15 '10 at 18:29
works perfectly! thanks again –  deb Jul 15 '10 at 20:34
has_attached_file :photo,
  :styles => {
    :thumb=> "100x100#",
    :large =>   "400x400>" }
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