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We have created the following sharepoint 2010 site collection using an internal url.

How would i map a url another domain to this?


I think it would be easier to change the site collection url from /sites/Extranet to / -How would I do this?

thanks in advance, Jason

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What you need to do is to Extend the Web Application. Below steps will help to achive this.

  1. Go to SharePoint 2010 Central Administration Site - >
  2. Click Application Management
  3. Select Manage Web Application
  4. Select your Application ( in the List
  5. Select Extend in the Ribbon Bar
  6. You will get a Popup for Extend Web Application to another IIS Site.
  7. Fill in the Options & specify you new host Header. You should be good to go.

For more Information on this topic visit this link

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