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I have a php page that displays rows from a mysql db as a table. One of the fields contains HTML markup, and I would like to amke this row clickable and the html would open in a new popup window. What is the best way to do it, and is there a way to do it without writing the html to a file?

edit: this php page is actually part of an ajax app, so that is not a problem. I do not want to use jquery, as I would have to rewrite the application.


I have tried this again using the example below, and have failed. I know my script tag is wrong, but I am just echoing out row2 at the moment, so I think my logic is wrong before it ever gets to the javascript.

$sql="SELECT * FROM Auctions WHERE ARTICLE_NO ='$pk'";
$htmlset = mysql_query($sql2);
$row2 = mysql_fetch_array($htmlset);
echo $row2;
/*echo '<script> child1 = window.open ("about:blank")
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child1 = window.open ("about:blank")
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Are you saying I could replace "Moo!" with the database field variable? –  user1253538 Nov 28 '08 at 14:27
Yes indeed. You could even load your data via Ajax + JSON and feed it a JavaScript variable if you wanted. –  Diodeus Nov 28 '08 at 14:30
I am sorry for my nativity. Would I put your exmaple in script tags, and onclick call call the function? –  user1253538 Nov 28 '08 at 14:33
if I have javascript at the top of the html page generated by the php file, will it be able to access the result of an sql query declared after it? –  user1253538 Nov 28 '08 at 15:20
Hmm, I have messed up something, can you check what I have pasted above? –  user1253538 Nov 28 '08 at 15:27

If you don't require a browser window (this suggestion involves a css modal box), you might want to consider one of the "lightbox" variations.

Thickbox can be used to load inline content from the page into a modal window. The link provides demo/details in how to implement inline content as well as other variations.

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I would suggest using a Javascript library like jQuery since it simplifies this type of code and is cross browser compatible.

$(document).ready( function() {

$('#clicker').click( function() {
    return false;


The html will be:

       <td><div id="clicker">Click Here</div></td>
       <td><div id="content">This is the content</div></td>
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if its a lot of data, worth thinking about loading it up via ajax when viewed to save selecting it and sending it to the user on every page load - which would be fairly easy with something like jquery as suggested already.

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