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I have a Unit Test project with 20+ .cs files. I want to run some setup code before each individual test. Kinda like how the [TestInitialize] attribute works. However, I'd need to put that attribute on all 20+ of my .cs files.

Is there a way to centralize the initializing code in one place for every test in my entire project?



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Mike the only bootstrapping hooks are [ClassInitialize] and [TestInitialize] and their teardown counterparts. In cases like these I just externalized the common logic into its own class, essentially follow normal DRY and SoC practices. Typically I have several services and providers defined within my test assemblies and the xInitialize methods just have 1 or 2 lines of code to call the approperiate provider. That being said mpistrich's answer is perfectly acceptable as well, I perfer layering over inheritence.

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I don't know whether this is still an issue. But I found one more solution do achieve this: When opening the .testsettings file, go to the "Setup and Cleanup scripts" tab, you can specify scripts to run before and after the tests run.

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