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I've created a web app (using Sencha Touch, but that's not important) which I'm trying to get offline. It's a slideshow with images and a video. When online, it plays an mp4 video using the tag in HTML . I can take it offline using a cache manifest file, which works fine for all other content, but my video won't play when offline.

I've used the "add to home screen" button to create a web app icon on the home screen.

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What size is the video? Mobile Safari has a 5mb cache limit: stackoverflow.com/questions/2908459/… –  blend Aug 22 '12 at 11:33

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You can always provide the source of your video as a base64 string instead of as a URL. That way the video is actually embedded in the document and will play regardless of internet connectivity.

See this example page and view the page source: http://iandevlin.com/html5/data-uri/video.php

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