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I am writing an eclipse plug-in that extends editor. Inside the editor I put some EditParts. From some of these edit parts I need a reference to their encapsulating editor (so that for example, when clicking an instance of MyEditPart, I want to programmatically close the editor).

Please advise on the API to get from an EditPart instance to the Editor it is in.


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The IEditorPart interface is the main abstraction for an editor, so I'm not sure there is a direct answer to your question as such. Clarify with more information: say you navigated from the part to the thing you want; what would you then do with that? –  Ladlestein Jul 15 '10 at 21:27
Some examples: when the user clicks my edit part (a node in a graph shown inside the editor), the editor page where this edit part is should execute save / should close / should change from read only to writable / should show a message with the name of the contributing plug-in of the editor (like in the plug-in spy of eclipse) –  Sha Jul 15 '10 at 21:37

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You can try:

IEditorPart editor = ((DefaultEditDomain) getViewer().getEditDomain()).getEditorPart();

from the EditPart.

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