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Does anyone know if the AjaxHelper in the ASP.NET MVC framework deals with degradation?

For example, if you have an ActionLink that updates the content of a div, if JavaScript unavailable, will the page do a full postback by renderubg the page (via an action on a controller) and call the action specified in the ActionLink?

If not, how would you suggest making a page function correctly for browsers with JavaScript enabled and those who have it disabled within the context of an MVC app?

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I had a similar question the other day see here – redsquare Nov 28 '08 at 16:39
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One thing you could try is in your controller, override the OnActionExecuted method and change the filerContext.ActionResult for non-JavaScript enabled browsers. You can also add you own ActionFilters to different actions in the controller.

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You can specify an Url parameter to the AjaxOptions object to the Ajax.ActionLink call:

@Ajax.ActionLink(role, "GetPeopleData",
    new { selectedRole = role },
    new AjaxOptions
        UpdateTargetId = "tbody",
        Url = Url.Action("GetPeopleData", new { selectedRole = role })
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