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My structure looks like this


I need to compile Main.java which has dependencies in Auxillary.java and jars in \lib into \Destination\class

I am in the Project1 directory.

I tried

javac -cp Destination\lib\*;src\pkg2\* -d Destination\class

However, I get a package not found for Auxillary.java.

What am I doing wrong?

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A classpath entry can't refer to a source directory. Try this:

javac -Djava.ext.dirs=Destination\lib -d Destination\class
      src\pkg1\Main.java src\pkg2\Auxiliary.java

i.e. compile all the source code in one go. Alternatively:

javac -Djava.ext.dirs=Destination\lib -d Destination\class

javac -Djava.ext.dirs=Destination\lib -cp Destination\class
      -d Destination\class src\pkg1\Main.java

That will compile Auxiliary.java first, and then use its destination directory as part of the classpath when compiling Main.java.

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Huh. A classpath entry can't refer to a source directory. - preferably the -sourcepath is used for this, but if this is not set, the classpath works just fine to find source files. I suppose in this case the problem is that kunjan did indicate the package directory instead of the root one (i.e. src). And of course, the * is also wrong there. -cp Destination\lib\*;src should work fine, though. –  Paŭlo Ebermann Aug 15 '11 at 23:09

You can use ant script to make these steps simpler. Try once!

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