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Was just wondering if any of you already coded a http get request using glib? Is it possible and how ?

I just want to call an simple urls with parameters, and the code must be working on gnu/linux, windows and mac.

If it is not possible with glib, have you any suggestion about what to use for that purpose (in a portable perspective). I want to avoid if possible 3rd party libs to minimize my project dependencies. So in that case of glib is not the right way, any code fragment will be welcome !

Thanks Sinn'

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Yes, you can use libsoup. It's part of GNOME, and designed for use with GLib. You can start with the howto. E.g. it shows how to create a basic GET request:

SoupMessage *msg;
msg = soup_message_new ("GET", "http://example.com/");
SoupSession *session = soup_session_sync_new();
guint status = soup_session_send_message (session, msg);
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+1 but it would be more help if you also showed the creation of a soup session . SoupSession *session = soup_session_sync_new(); –  Mawg Apr 13 at 8:41
@Mawg, thanks, added. –  Matthew Flaschen Apr 17 at 0:28

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