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i have about 5 years of work in PHP/JS/CSS and other web technologies , as web developer , i feel i should move to learn another languages , other things , but there is huge stack of languages and technologies today : JAVA/( Modern JAVA frameworks ) , C/C++ , Python , Ruby/ROR , Perl , Mobile development ...etc , and this make me confused ..

What language should i learn ? or what you suggest ?

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My background is similar, I have been a PHP programmer for 6+ years and a designer and UI developer for even longer. After flirting with Python for a while I've made the full-time switch. I recently gave an answer to a similar question that you might find helpful: stackoverflow.com/questions/3243529/… –  Jesse Dhillon Jul 15 '10 at 21:55
Python is fantastic language , its really elegant , run in different platforms , this may lead to be the next choice , thanks for your replay and suggestion :) ... –  shox Jul 15 '10 at 23:03

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Depends entirely on what your end goal is. If you want to broaden your developer perspective, I would suggest:

  • MVC ( Django, Ruby on Rails )
  • Functional programming ( Haskell, Lisp )
  • Real OO languages such as Python and Ruby
  • VCS ( Git, Mercurial )
  • Mobile Development ( Objective-C/Java for iPhone/Android )
  • node.js ( event based server-side javascript )
  • Linux ( manage servers by renting a VPS and setup a server from scratch; setup things like Apache, PHP, MySQL by yourself )
  • VIM/Emacs ( increase your productivity by 50%+ )
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add Catalyst (perl) to the list of MVC web frameworks please - it runs sites far in excess of the size of Rails and Django, even if it doesn't have quite as many as users. –  singingfish Aug 7 '10 at 9:49
"Real OO languages such as Python and Ruby" ROFL. You should ask one who OOP term developed what is real OO language. google.co.uk/search?q=alan+kay+message+passing –  Hynek -Pichi- Vychodil Aug 7 '10 at 12:41

May I suggest Lisp? : P

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Go for the mobile development - apps make a huge amount of money these days!

Even though it might be a little expensive to get started with...

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Ruby on Rails! Great resources for learning (http://railscasts.com/, http://5by5.tv/), widely used, and excellent community.

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There's two competing languages to PHP, which is Ruby and ASP.NET. While ruby have the same background with PHP (aka Linux flavors), ASP.NET is like Microsoft flavour.

www.ruby-lang.org www.asp.net

With JS, you know, learning JS never ends. You may master the syntax but there are tons of frameworks and things to do with JS. For example cappuccino framework.


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Just to say something that I haven't seen anyone else say, yet.

Have you worked with any PHP frameworks, like CakePHP or symfony? I know you said you've worked with PHP, so maybe you have. And you're probably a far more advanced PHP programmer than I am, because my experience is fairly limited, but I just started looking into these different frameworks and it's been a great experience for me. It facilitates design, but it's also given me some insight into MVC, granted it does so at an abstract level since it does a lot of the work for me, but its been a good experience for learning some new concepts.

Maybe you already have experience with frameworks like these, and this is not to say you shouldn't go and learn other languages and platforms, and indeed learning other languages is great and I'm sure people will respond with some ideas for that. But since you have experience with PHP, it might be worth looking into some different ways that you can use that knowledge and still gain some new insight into other technologies.

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i have implemented the MVC pattern itself in PHP , write small web-bots , and many other things , so learn other languages not mean to leave PHP , but learn something out of "PHP box" , will give me greater experience, even to develop in PHP ..! –  shox Jul 15 '10 at 22:12

C# or java is the easy path. Lot of demand. But if you want to be different, objective-c is a nice choice ;)

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If you already know JS well, then I'd move on to something similar. Java and C# are similar to JS and PHP, so they shouldn't be too hard to get into. I would recommend learning C# and ASP.NET because the tooling is amazing. Once you've tried Visual Studio, you'll never use anything else.

But if you really don't know JS at an expert level, then you should focus learning that instead. You'll probably get a lot more out of knowing JS than if you try to teach yourself a more complex / robust programming language.

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-1 for recommending a language based on affinity for an IDE. IMO, the most significant thing Javascript -- a prototyped scripting language where functions are first-class -- has in common with Java is the first four letter of the name. –  Jesse Dhillon Jul 15 '10 at 21:58
Agree with Jesse, Java is to JavaScript what Car is to Carpet (quotesstar.com/quotes/j/java-is-to-javascript-what-192925.html) –  rlovtang Jul 15 '10 at 22:09
Don't Put answers like this man ! comparing JavaScript to C# and Java , at first google this : what is JavaScript, u would read on Wiki Page that it is not JAVA !!! then put an answer... –  Mehdi Maghrooni Mar 13 '14 at 21:25

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