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The target is a SQL server 2000 on remote host with firewall. Is it possible to create a link server on my local SQL server 2008 SSMS?

If yes, what should I pay attention to? And what ports should be open too? Thanks.

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Both answers are good. Thanks everyone. –  Stan Jul 17 '10 at 0:28

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Absolutely, you need to open up TCP port 1433 - However I'd strongly recommend using a VPN or at the very least restrict via the firewall the range of IPs allowed to connect. Note that SQL traffic is unencrypted and very easy to read.

In management studio connect to the 2008 machine. Then Server Objects->Linked Servers->Right click new Linked Server.

If you only want access to a couple of tables also checkout the Synonym functionality in books online.

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You can read the MSDN documentation for "Creating Linked Servers"

  • the port must be accessible through the firewall
  • you create the instance using an account with appropriate permissions on the SQL Server 2000 box
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