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After login, my account page is display, but I can't find edit tab. I can see only registered profile values without editing option. :(

Could somebody tell me why?

Another issue I am getting is hook_validate problem. I added to my custom module:

function advert_user_validate($node, &$form) {
    echo '<pre>';
    echo var_dump($form);
    echo '</pre>';

But it seems that this function is never invoke.

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This could be a theming issue. Switch to Garland and then see if the tab is there. If it is, it is indeed a theming issue.

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Just append /edit to the url of the My Account page.

i.e., if the url of your My Account page is example.org/user/3, add /edit to it and access example.org/user/3/edit. In your case, replace the number 3 before /edit with your user_id.

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