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with top.location.host, i can get "http://www.mydomain.com"

with window.location.href i can get "http://www.mydomain.com/hello/you"

is there a chance to get just "/hello/you" ???

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What could this possibly have to do with jQuery? –  Dagg Nabbit Jul 16 '10 at 1:54
Anurag: while you're editing you might as well get rid of the redundant toString call on location.host. –  Dagg Nabbit Jul 16 '10 at 2:00
yikes @no, did I overwrite while you were changing? –  Anurag Jul 16 '10 at 2:03
Anurag, nope, I can't edit yet :) –  Dagg Nabbit Jul 16 '10 at 20:42

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pathname will only return the path. If you want the querystring and optionally hash, you would need to combine the search and hash properties as well. Consider this url:


location.pathname => "/path/to/glory"
location.search   => "?key=value&world=cup"
location.hash     => "#part/of/page"

If you want the entire thing,


then just concatenate all these:

location.pathname + location.search + location.hash

Always wanted to use with somewhere. This looks like the perfect opportunity :)

with(location) {
    pathname + search + hash;
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Don't forget search and hash. –  Matthew Flaschen Jul 16 '10 at 2:01
@Matthew - the querystring or the hash wasn't listed in OP's question, so I can't assume that he will want it, but what I can do is elaborate on my answer :) –  Anurag Jul 16 '10 at 2:02

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