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For months now I've been trying to find a code syntax formatting extension that works for BlogEngine.Net. I'm not fond of the behavior of the default formatting extension, and have tried a couple of others (manoli is among them), but they always seem to interact badly with the TinyMCE editor. Does anyone know of an extension that works, or a different approach that will allow me to make code samples pretty on my blog without hacking the crap out of the HTML myself?


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I would try using Windows Live Writer along w/ the Paste From Visual Studio plugin. One you go WLW, you'll never go back to that damn TinyMCE interface.

WLW here:

Plugin here:

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Thanks, Rafe. Thanks to this post that Hanselman put up the day after I asked the question, I downloaded WLW and am now using it. As far as getting prettily formatted code, I'm using cut-and-paste from a little tool developed and available on

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Check out SyntaxHighlighter.. Works excellent. For easy integration into BlogEngine have a look at my blog post.

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